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Heaven is my home, Jesus is my ♕
As christians, we should search more for God, not only for heaven. 
Why are you christian? 
Because one day, I will see him face to face. My redeemer, my saviour.
"Praise Him anyway."

Mortals make elaborate plans, but God has the last word. (Proverbs 16:1 MSG)
Are you down on yourself today because of past mistakes you’ve made or because you’re not where you want to be in life? God knows every poor choice, every difficulty, every wrong turn you may have made, and He’s already planned your comeback! In scripture, Jonah took a detour, so to speak. It took him a little bit longer, but because he called out to God, because he believed, God not only rescued him, but God got him to his final destination.
Friend, know today that failure is not final. God always has the final say. Mistakes don’t have to keep you from your destiny. God’s plan can override every setback. Your world may be in turmoil today in a relationship, in your finances or health. But know this: not only will God rescue you; He will set your feet on a rock and lead you to your final destination in life. Remember, the promise He placed on the inside of you didn’t go away because you had some personal failures. No, that failure is only temporarym but His Word remains forever! Keep hoping, keep believing because He will move you into the blessing and victory He has prepared for you!
Prayer for Today:
Father God, thank You for Your hand of victory and blessing that is on my life. Today, I shake off the past, I shake off failure, I shake off poor choices and trust that You are restoring me and leading me into the plan You have for me in Jesus’ name. Amen!
"An einen Gott glauben heißt sehen, dass es mit den Tatsachen der Welt noch nicht abgetan ist.
An einen Gott glauben heißt sehen, dass das Leben einen Sinn hat."
Ludwig Wittgenstein (via god-cares)

"I want God, not my idea of God."
C.S. Lewis (via fullloflife)

Ever been too busy to get something done, and then find out that it’s too late when you finally get down to it? As human beings, we live our lives constrained by time. But Jesus, the one who created time, is not time-bound. He always has time for each one of us!
He hears your cries, cares about the little and big things that bother you, and will come and save you. Even when He is “busy”, He has time to stop and minister to you. Even when it seems “too late”, He will still see to it that you get your miracle!
-from Joseph Prince’s Daily Grace Inspiration

God is complete; He is perfect. There is no blemish in God; He lives in harmony with himself. He is a beautiful person. He is absolutely what a person ought to be. He is filled with joy and love and peace. He lives in wholeness. And he looks at us in our brokenness and says to us, You, too, shall be whole.
Peace in Jesus.